A bunch of old office jockeys at an industrial bakery with a tiny radio.
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00:46:19martindale: but really, don’t you guys make pastries or something over there?
00:47:27JinstaGram: no -_- haha
00:55:13martindale: now I’m only slightly confused
01:13:14muffinboombox: “muffin shed” is apparently part of an inside joke that predates most of us, we just keep associating with it office chats until someday someone explains the joke
01:15:04muffinboombox: oh i see alot of random songs suddenly mislabeled as “Birdy Nam Nam” in https://muffinshed.soundtrack.io/pool
01:16:17muffinboombox: Any progress on deleting tracks from the pool? Our favorite daily skip is that collection of weird songs about a Buffalo someone added awhile back
01:17:23bonnicorn: GAI ON A BAFFULOOOO
01:42:38martindale: cough someone
01:42:54martindale casually scratches the back of his head.
19:14:35muffinboombox: oh… we uh… love those songs! Yes! :D